Andres Hernandez | United States | Fiction | 2018 | 16 min


Diego takes off to the woods with Anna to escape the pressures of life. Raquel, his steady partner, feels she is doing all the work in their relationship and nags him to find work. Caught between the responsibilities of adulthood and the freedom of youth, Diego is not yet ready to give up on his dreams and take some mediocre job.


Huyendo de la desazón Diego escapa con Anna al bosque. Raquel su pareja estable siente que ella ésta cargando todo el peso de la relación y presiona a Diego a buscar trabajo. Pero Diego debatiéndose entre la adultez y la ligereza de la vida, no quiere renunciar a sus sueños y aceptar un empleo mediocre.


Andres Hernandez studied Filmmaking at the National University of Colombia, where he began working as Director always with a cinematic flavor. In Colombia his work was recognized in International Film Festivals like San Sebastian Film Festival in 2007, Clermont Ferrand International short film Festival 2011, and Short film Corner Cannes Film Festival 2011. After earning his degree, he worked as a Camera Assistant before moving to LA where he completed a MFA in Cinematography at NYFA.

Last year, he began his work in Colombia as a Cinematographer with the web series Natural Selection, which won awards at Roma Web Fest and Dublin Web Fest. He also worked as Cinematographer in a long Documentary Available on NETFLIX.