Luciana Faulhaber | United States | Fiction | 2017 | 6 min


A young woman is trying to fix her broken heart by moving on when he tries to get her back. However, the audience is left wondering: Is it a dream or reality? Can these two people find their way back to each other or were they ever lost? The characters are intentionally left without names and the event that results in this meeting is left unsaid so each one of us can step into that moment in our lives when we were those people

Una joven está tratando de superar una decepción amorosa cuando él aparece nuevamente y trata de recuperarla. Sin embargo, el público se pregunta: ¿es un sueño o es la realidad? ¿Pueden estas dos personas reencontrarse o realmente se perdieron alguna vez? Los personajes son dejados sin nombres intencionalmente y el resultado de esta reunión no se muestra para que cada uno de nosotros pueda entrar en ese momento en nuestras vidas cuando éramos esas personas


Luciana Faulhaber 

Luciana is a female Latina director. Born an raised in Brazil, she came to the US with a full scholarship to study at Fordham university where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Biology. Then, also on academic scholarship she continued her studies at Columbia Grad school studying Political Science. During that time Luciana started to share her time with acting and writing as a way to tell the stories she needed to tell.

This is Luciana’s first completed project as a writer/director. She has a feature in post, “Don’t Look”, and is currently pitching her original pilot “Tiempo News” based on the true story of a dying latino newspaper in New York City.