Miguel Rueda / U.S. / Video Clip-Animation / 2016 / 5min


Ioana, the protagonist of this story, goes on a road trip. In the city, she will find unusual characters, one of them is her favorite singer with whom she shares an adventure with an unexpected ending.

 Ioana, el protagonista de esta historia, va en un viaje por carretera. En la ciudad, encontrará personajes inusuales, uno de ellos es su cantante preferida con quien comparte una aventura con un final inesperado.

Festivals / Awards:  World Premiere.


Miguel Rueda did his studies in Bogotá Colombia, where he graduated in the field of Fine Arts and Graphic Design with a specialty in Illustration and Experimental Animation.He has been in the business for 15 years, working for advertising companies and TV channels and newspapers, as illustrator, animator and motion graphic designer. I has been invited by Yale and CUNY universities to talk about his animations projects.